Social ventures provide solutions to achieve a sustainable, social objective.

Grow your organization organically and authentically with fresh digital content and live events.

Lead your organization and initiatives with confidence. Focus on your vision, mission, and goals to build capacity without getting sidetracked by organizing your event programming and logistical details. Let our expert creative professionals and third party vendors take these tasks off your hands, so you can spend more time with your leadership on building your influence.   

Ensure a successful and effective start to your initiative or cause. Get buy-in through outreach and awareness of your social cause,  new initiative, or political coalition. Leverage personal relationships using the right digital tools to maintain sustainable local and regional economic growth.

We can help you take your social programs to the next stage!

Support and involve your leadership team, using a the creative process to do a deeper dive on strategic planning, that will enhance and stimulate a positive experience of your community before, during and after your events. 


By leveraging strategic partnerships, promote, engagement within and outside your organization without doubling your efforts.

We also offer experts and thought leaders for your panels and keynotes at conferences, workshops and meet-ups.


Some social ventures we have partnered with include: non-profits, green business, health and wellness, civic organizations, political coalitions, economic development agencies, incubators, public/private partnerships, universities.