• David Senk

Singing Out Las Cruces

Strategic Planning and Visioning at Annual Retreat.

Lead the SOLC Board in a visioning session. The board was having diffuculty seeing the big picture during the monthly meetings, which led to leadership challenges and a need to change their direction.

With an international conference the following summer, SOLC needed a strategic plan to stay focused both on more immediate functions and the near future, while they explored the visions and goals of the organization.

We spent a morning working with board members at their annual retreat, the President and Artistic Director brainstorming and developing ideas into actions. Members took ownership of certain responsibilities that they were passionate about and had the expertise to organize.

“The team building exercise led by David was meaningful and transitory for our board. The activities helped our board break through barriers in perspective and communication. Before David’s work with us our board often got stuck in old dynamics or limited thinking, but the brainstorming and conversations that came out of our time with David brought us out of our old ruts and to a high level of work and decision making.”

Artistic Director, Irene Gehre

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