• David L. Senk

Galeria de la Raza- Mission District, San Franciso, CA

While large arts institutions are expanding their galleries and performance spaces at a dizzying pace to keep up with the global arts race. Smaller organizations and localities are having to get very creative about how and where they present their programming.

According to Mission Local, both spaces are still in negotiation over a 100% rent increase with the threat of losing their main gallery.

Their show, Comida es Medicina, covered food justice from Latinx, Chicanx, Central American, indigenous, and immigrant perspectives. This group exhibition contests white supremacy by uplifting the knowledge, traditions, and practices of immigrant and indigenous members of our communities in relation to food, ancestral knowledge, and respect for Mother Earth.

This exhibition is co-curated by Suzy González and Luz Calvo, with support from the Galería staff.

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New Mexico, USA