• David L. Senk

Rubin Center- El Paso,TX

El Paso, Tx As the border wall discussion continues to heat up on both sides. This art space is setting the stage for major contemporary cross-disciplinary discourse.

Tu Huella es El Camino (Your Footprint is the Path) is a solo exhibition of the work of Mexican Artist Betsabeé Romero(Mexico City, 1963) who addresses themes of migration and belonging through large-scale sculptures, prints and installations. For more than 15 years, Romero has explored topics of immigration, globalization and contemporary culture, reworking the meaning of everyday objects and imagery including automobiles, tattoos, urban signage, etc. to reach out to a broad audience.

Iconografika Oaxaca displayed and promoted the lesser known region as a rich center of artistic expression and creative thought. A consistent theme of innovation on ancient tradition transcends political and economic strife. We can easily draw similarities among this region with the Southwest as the center looks onto their friendly neighbors in Juarez, Mexico.

In recent years there has been a steady stream of contemporary art produced outside of Mexico City, in cultural centers like Oaxaca. Renowned as the birthplace of artist Francisco Toledo it has become the home for an extensive network of galleries, cultural centers and artisanal crafts. Iconográfika Oaxaca takes a look at a new generation of artists who are breaking from this tradition by blending their indigenous roots with iconic imagery from contemporary life.

Artists include Pablo Cotama, Demián Flores, Blanca Gonzalez, Sergio Gutierrez, Lissette Jimenez, Claudia Lopez Terroso, Baldomero Robles, Jaime Ruiz Martinez, Emilia Sandoval and Javier Santos.

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New Mexico, USA