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We are a global community of creative partners, collaborators, mentors and ultimately friends. We believe we can get the best out of people by providing them with a positive, healthy, sustainable creative ecosystem to foster change and thrive.

David Senk, 


David has 20 years of experience designing, consulting and implementing strategies and events for local and global brands.


His client base ranges from local community arts and creative start-ups and incubators in rural areas to more established non-profits and social ventures to educational institutions to luxury lifestyle brands and media production companies.


David is also available to advise with emerging arts and cultural presenters, who often find there is a need to fill in with promotional and producorial support, while in the development and production of new works. He specializes in interdisciplinary projects where he can collaborate and understand the needs and challenges of working with multiple strategic partners and stakeholders to implement the ideas, get the right talent, creative resource and aesthetic result for your creative project, brand, or cause.

creative partners 

 We a collective team of multi- disciplinary creative leaders, experts, and mentors that bring our passion, professionalism and practical application to the creative process.

 We are available for consulting,commissions, master classes, speaking engagements. 

Kelly Bennett


Art Pro Net

James Reynolds


Opera, TV, Film, Radio

Jane Randolph 

Classical Voice Teacher


Michael Rizzo

Art Director

Film, TV, Opera, Immersive