Grow your target audience with authentic connection and opportunities through community engagement.  

These innovative startups leverage technology to support their creative talent and promote their services locally, online, or at special events. 

Your small business benefits local communities with creative output in neighborhoods and arts and cultural districts at retailers, farmers markets, popups, festivals, workshops and conferences to educate, inspire and activate your customers to make conscious and informed purchasing decisions. Consistent positive experiences are essential to success in a competitive marketplace.

We can help your business get to your next stage!

Connect  with the right customer, creative opportunity, and strategic partner.

We work with you one on one and with your creative team to develop a customized brand strategy and promotional plan. By leveraging the right mix of press contacts, social media, and digital content, we can activate your followers and email list to increase your sales and create a competitive advantage by using your social networks as strategic partners, so you are not doubling your marketing efforts.

Some projects we have partnered on include:

team-building, retreats, co-working, leadership training, conventions, workshops,

, speaking engagements, product launches, trade-shows.

Share your ideas online at a meet-up, workshop or a conference.