Traditional performing arts presenting organizations facilitate exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational, and performance opportunities. Solo and emerging arts presenters typically start producing shows locally and regionally at festivals, community theaters and smaller arts venues to build their network.


We can help you get to your next stage!


Connect with the right venue, opportunity, audience member and creative partner.

We work with you one on one and with your creative team to develop a customized promotional plan. By leveraging the right mix of press contacts, social media, and digital content, we can activate your fan base and email list to increase your ticket sales. 

Some projects we have partnered with include:

digital ticketing and social networking platforms, bookings, touring, fundraisers, premieres, art shows, festivals, previews, master classes, artist's residences, creative place-making, immersive experiences, event production.

Examples of arts presenters we have collaborated with in fine arts, dance, opera, theater and film/tv:directors-stage, art, artistic, executive, producers, choreographers, board members, art handlers and installations experts, gallerists, festivals, art walks, community benefit districts, and film commissions.